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Closet Storage for Low Budgets and Commitment Phobes

You don't need fancy built ins or shiny accessories or big budget to set up your closet for success. You need creativity, a few trips to Target and advice from your favorite organizer (me... right?)

Many people have come to me with the same question. "I have a nice sized closet but it has one bar and one shelf. Can you recommend a closet system?"

Yes, I can. It is a 4-step closet system that I swear by! It takes a minor investment and a moderate amount of thought to implement.

1) Divide the closet in half and leave half for hanging;

2) purchase appropriate fitting bins and a (quality) hanging system for that space (this may include measuring or bin splurging and returning those that don't work;

3) Sort through and set aside the non-hanging items you want to store; and

4) Set it up!

I highly recommend a combination of bins. Not one 'set' will work for you. Lastly and most importantly - leave an empty shelf and space to grow! Next week, you will have a few more things to store :-)

It won't solve all of your storage dilemmas but it certainly will get many things into your closest quickly and inexpensively. The closet in this example cost under $75.

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