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These are a few of my favorite things...

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

As I helped a client yesterday with her playroom, I realized that I often sound like a broken record with my simple solution suggestions. The kids won't understand that reference but they will like these items!

10 Drawer Rolling Organizer By Recollections™

Every kid's room needs one of these. This 'stuff' holder is only 30 bucks at Michael's. It has 10 drawers. Erasers, lip glosses, pens, shells, markers, tiny toys that they cannot live without... you name it and it gets a drawer. You can set a rule with your kids - when the drawer is full, you have enough of that item!

This great solution only takes up 13" x 15.33" of space. They even make a version of it with clear drawers. Perfect for a closet or office! There are other variations of this product that are equally as great but this one makes the list because of its price and ease of putting it together.

#2 - BILLY

Billy needs no introduction. He is Billy! I love him and his price of $69. He stands tall and proud in every room of my house and you will often find him in my clients' homes and businesses.

My favorite Billy, from IKEA, stands at 31 1/2" x 11" x 79 1/2". He does not take up a lot of floor space and part of his charm is that he isn't too deep, so he doesn't take over the space. He is perfect. Replace all of your short shelves with him.

He comes in many colors. He is great for legos, books, knickknacks, home decor, collectibles or really anything you want to display.

Just like my first recommendation, you can use this shelf to set up a rule with your child. When Billy is full - you start to declutter and prioritize.

He has optional accessories, like doors. Doors make him fancy. You can cut a hole in his back and put chargers inside for Kindles and other items you are storing behind those fancy doors.

You can add shelves and adjust frequently based on the creation of the day or the tall trophy that came home from the chess tournament last weekend.

Do you have any of these items in your home?

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