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When life gives you awkward built-ins, make lemonade...

Built-ins can be a great asset to keeping your life organized. However, when you didn't design or choose those cabinets or cubbies, they don't always work for your space. Or maybe you did build them in... but you did it so many years ago, the space's purpose has changed. Never fear! With the right bins and set-up, you can make any built-ins work for you.

This space serves as an art room/office/homework space... and sometimes a playroom.

This family had neither the time nor the money to change the space. We simply thought about how to make it work for them. We brought in perfectly sized bins, set up the spaces to have purpose (art on one side, office supplies and work in the drawers and above the desks, and then games/toys on the other side). We also designated space for kids work and art to pile up while waiting to be sorted through!

Most importantly, we created a process to keep the space organized and calm for all of its uses. This family was thrilled with the result. Especially the 9 year old daughter who could find all of her crafting supplies so easily, she was AMAZED at this Thoughtful Space.

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